Camp Bestival by AGE

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While it may well be the ultimate child’s paradise, Camp Bestival doesn’t just cater for the kids, there are plenty of adult-based recreations to feed your mind body and soul. With Slow Motion’s upstanding daytime diversions like Camp Bestival Boot Camp, Breathwork & Yoga, massages and meditation, the erudite delights of comics, authors and talks, and more indulgent fancies such as delectable award-winning street food and delicious cocktails, there are myriad ways to give yourself a treat. The music bill covers everything from old school classics right up to your favourite new band, and, once whoever drew the short straw is back at camp with the kids, there are a host of festivities for mums on a mission and dads out dancing for just a little bit longer, like amazing headline acts, carnival madness in Caravanserai, and singalong capers at the Silent Disco.