Camp Bestival by AGE

Camp bestival Toddlers and Infants


Camp Bestival offers a whole new world of exciting and formative experiences for toddlers and infants. They can catch TV idols like Mr Tumble and Mister Maker & Rebecca Keatley up close and personal, meet and greet their favourites from the CBeebies crew, experience the wide-eyed wonder of exhilarating theatrics in the Greatest Tent on Earth, and jump for joy on the World’s Biggest Bouncy Castle.


With hands-on, earthy discovery play at Lizzie’s Way in the heart of the magical Dingly Dell, the back to nature beauty of Wild Tribe, plus glitter, glue and Cardboard Castles, and the spellbinding Soft Play tent’s Creative Crafts, Didi Dance, Nursery Rhymes and Story Time, and so much more throughout the Kids Gardens, Camp Bestival has countless ways to ignite your little ones thirst for fun.


When it comes to winding down and finding space, there are a host of chill out options to explore from the captivating satisfaction of Cosmic Kids Yoga, and Cosmic Pineapple’s Cosmic Corner in Slow Motion, to the woodland refuges and rustic charms that can be found across the festival grounds.


And with amenities and conveniences such as NCT changing facilities, Freckles Festival Nannies, and the Welfare Tent, taking care at Camp Bestival couldn’t be easier.