Don't just take it from us...take it from some of the amazing families who've attended Camp Bestival over the years...


"An unforgettable weekend filled with a trillion memories"


"A safe, fun, brilliant event. We love it."

"Made countless memories, laughed, eaten the best food and danced our hearts away"


"Camp Bestival has been a total dream and we’ve been blown away by the vibe and amazing atmosphere"


"Such an incredible festival. It was SO much fun!"


"Thank you so much for making the best family memories"


"The vibe is the best I’ve ever experiences from years of festivals"


"It really was magical"


"Our high expectations of having a great day every day were realised"


"A safe environment seeing the children living freely"


"Exceptionally friendly"


"There was something there for everyone"


"Our first festival that we took the kids to and they absolutely loved it"


"Seeing our children make memories and be free"


"The absolute best time as a family...we made great memories"


"Before we had even left the kids were desperate to book tickets for next year"


"It felt like such a celebration, meeting new people, dancing and stuffing our faces with delicious food!"


"The whole atmosphere is amazing"


"Just THE best family event"