Caravanserai entrance
News Friday 10th May

Caravanserai’s Timeless Treats Unveiled

Caravanserai is Camp Bestival’s own secret sauce. A dazzling arcadia of fairground filigree, vintage wagons, and cocktail treats, it is the epicentre of the unusual, where the vintage remix catapults you through time itself, moving your feet with future beats and filling your mind with retro wonder. Supplying the kind of entertainment that’s so constantly jaw-dropping you could set your watch by it, expect circus, street theatre and unforgettable extravaganzas from the incomparable Cirque Bijou, while Continental Drifts’ avant-gardener Chris Tofu has gathered a selection of timeless musical treats for your delectation at Weston Park this August.

“Welcome to the Caravanserai, where the world converges in a symphony of culture, music, and adventure! Step inside and feel the pulse of this vibrant oasis, where travellers from far-flung corners of the globe come together to share stories, revel in the festival madness.

“Come closer to the heart of the gathering where crazy bands play with boundless energy, filling the air with an eclectic fusion of sounds that defy categorisation. You’ll find a home away from home in the heart of Camp Bestival featuring 30 pirates (Old Time Sailors), Thrill Collins, tonnes of brass, music from gentle ambient to jumping Gypsy folk.”Chris Tofu

So be sure to make some time to catch skiffle-pop rascals Thrill Collins, shanty superstars Old Time Sailors Band, vaudeville swing selectors Mista Trick Collective, leftfield festival hero and your host DJ Chris Tofu, the unbelievably excellent James Atkin (EMF), and jazz-swing five-piece Elle & the Pocket Belles.

There are also appearances through the weekend from seven-piece hip-hop, soul-jazz, funk force of nature Mellowmatic, vintage club night kind Count Skylarkin, vagabond troubadour Cam Cole, samba rockers Tuto Tribe and genre-swervers Seas of Mirth. And don’t miss, The Arkansaw Jukebox Collective, Bandini, Balamuc, C@ in the H@, Tiny Leaves, The Mighty Vipers, The Electric Shakes, Joe Fleming, DJ Badly, Twisted DJs and Piano Nick.

Mixing up the past, present and future beats, make sure Caravanserai is part of your destiny at Camp Bestival.