Alicia Drummond - The Problematic World of Online Hate image


Alicia Drummond - The Problematic World of Online Hate


Have you heard of Andrew Tate?  Do you know how to talk to your children about the problematic world of online hate? Do you know how to identify which young people are particularly vulnerable to influencers who promote unrealistic lifestyles, misogyny, sexism, violence, and self-harm? This talk looks at the conversations parents need to have with their child(ren) to help them manage risk and avoid harm in the online world.


Alicia Drummond is a BACP accredited therapist and founder of The Wellbeing Hub. As a therapist specialising in adolescents, her expertise draws on the latest research from psychotherapy, psychology, and neuroscience. Alicia has spent over a decade working with children and young people. Alicia is the founder of The Wellbeing Hub: a growing platform of expert advice, answers, and support which proactively supports and impacts the mental health and wellbeing of over 200 whole school communities nationally.

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Alicia Drummond - The Problematic World of Online Hate

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