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Samantha Founder of BookLove will be joined by Birmingham based author, Monika Singh Gangotra, an amazing writer of South Asian heritage who has written two beautiful children's books, with one published as recently as July. 


Monika's books are stunningly gorgeous and shine a light on some really interesting subjects by gently and beautifully highlighting areas not so often included in childrens' books: interracial families, shadism and colorism, generational love...


During this BookLove two-hour takeover and pop-up bookshop we will have conversations around the importance of multicultural books, hear from the authors who write them and the booksellers who sell them! 


Samantha is passionate about representing a range of cultures, with an emphasis on marginalised Black and Brown voices in adult and children’s literature so join us at this year's Camp Bestival for the BookLove 2 hour take-over for all things multicultural and educational for you to browse, buy and enjoy! 


With 20 pence from every book sold going towards their GofundMe "BookLove+Beyond" , which is putting free multicultural books in to schools, this promises to be a great experience and definitely one not to be missed.


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