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Cass Pennant


A successful writer and film producer whose own incredible life story was turned into the British cult film CASS. His story showed an escape route for those brutalized by their early experience, a way out of the dead end towards moral redemption and peace.  


He has written 12 football fan-related books, making him one of Britain’s most successful black Afro-Caribbean authors. He wrote and co-authored, CASS; Congratulations, You Have Just Met The I.C.F; Want Some AGGRO?; Rolling With The 657 Crew; Good Afternoon Gentlemen The Name is Bill Gardner; Terrace Legends; Top Boys; 30 Years of Hurt; England’s Hooligan Army; One-Eyed Baz and Legends of the Firm. His latest book You're Going Home in a ****i** Ambulance is an eye-opening study of a problem that refuses to go away, by a writer who knows his subject inside-out.

Cass has been interviewed regularly by the media. He has visited prisons, schools and various groups to try to dissuade others from violent crime by sharing his own life experiences.

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