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An enclave of enlightening entertainment, The Literary Institute is a fantastic mix of erudite talks, interactive amusements and intelligent debate, and that’s just for the kids. A place to find insight and gain understanding, it’s a truly inspiring world for children and a discerning wellspring of knowledge, wellbeing and calm for adults throughout the day. After dark when the little ones have made their trek back to camp, Camp Bestival’s august seat of learning becomes the Gigglebox a veritable house of clowns, where comedy rules the roost.


Our learned leader Rob da Bank says: “The Literary institute is one of the most amazing things at Camp Bestival. Giving the grown-ups a relaxing retreat while the kids have a ball, there’s tons of inspirational stuff from talks and quizzes to some of the best poets around. I always learn something new and amazing whenever I head in there!”

Throughout the weekend you will find talks, conversation, Q&As and book signings with Bez & Rob da Bank in conversation, Man vs Baby - Trolls and Tribulations, Cass Pennant - Hooliganism, Hope & Publishing, Decca Aitkenhead - Lessons on Grief from the Day My Partner Drowned, and Gentle Guidance With Children’s Behavioural Expert Marie Gentles.
There’s an assortment of education, workshops, interactive learning, and non-stop fun from Festival Of The Girl, ‘Take The Jump’ - 6 Easy Shifts To Protect The Earth, Interactive Storytime Animation Workshop with Rainbow Collective, Art Is Everywhere' with author Joe Haddow, Beatboxing, Rhythm and Rhymes Workshop with Testament, Emotional Literacy For Children with Molly Potter, How To Get Your Creativity Back As Parents with Alice Ballantine Dykes, How to Have ‘An Answer for Everything’ with an Infographic Workshop On Humanity's Biggest Questions, Molly Potter’s Interactive Sex & Relationships Education, and the WWF.
Plus there’s entertainment, quizzes and storytelling with a live recording of Shrewsbury Biscuit Podcast, The Faery Den Interactive Theatre with Teatro Vivo, quests with The Marvellous Myth Hunter, Interactive Storytime with Three Epic Adventures of SUPERTATO, the Great Camp Bestival Pop Quiz with John Harris and Drag Story Time with Coventry’s First Drag King 'Raphael Hoe', and  Drag Race UK’s Crystal.

'Art Is Everywhere' with author Joe Haddow

Alicia Drummond - The Problematic World of Online Hate

An Answer For Everything: Explaining the world through Infographics

Beatboxing Workshops with Testament

Cass Pennant

Comedy Club 4 Kids

Crafts, Storytime & Drawing with Supertato author Sue Hendra

Decca Aitkenhead

Drag Storytime with Raphael Hoe

Emotional Literacy for Children

Faery Den with Teatro Vivo

Festival of the Girl

Literary Institute

Man vs. Baby

Marie Gentles

Sex and Relationships Education – Let’s talk about the Birds and the Bees

Take the Jump to a world of ‘less stuff and more joy’ with Tom Bailey

The Great Camp Bestival Pop Quiz

The Mum Club