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Back in 2017, Adam Purnell started his YouTube Channel ‘Shropshire Lad’ after being convinced to do so by a friend, showcasing his outdoor cooking adventures in Shropshire. Five years on, what started out as simply sharing his passion for cooking with fire, quality local ingredients, and of course, Shropshire and its incredible food scene, has become his full-time profession since making the tough decision to finish his career as a Youth and Community Worker back in February 2022.

Adam has now established a solid reputation as a live fire chef nationally, delivering pop-ups and events, hosting and demonstrating on fire cookery stages across the UK, delivering regular public classes in the art of cooking with fire, building a following across multiple social media platforms and making several television appearances. These include winning Heston Blumenthal’s show ‘Crazy Delicious’ on Netflix and Channel 4, a guest slot on Nadia Hussein’s show ‘Fast Flavour’ and more recently as a critic on MasterChef the Professionals where he was described as ‘one of the leaders in the UK street food and pop-up scene’.

Adam’s style is to ‘not mess about’ and simply take the best of the ingredients available, allow bold natural flavours to collide and then introduce them to the fire to ‘elevate flavours once again’.

Adam Purnell

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