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Doom Bar Beach Party


Get in your element at the Doom Bar Beach Bar with Sharp’s Brewery and the Paradise Carriage. 


Sharp’s are going to bringing their Doom Bar Beach Party to Camp Bestival Shropshire. Their airstream bar will be well stocked with their beers Doom Bar, Atlantic & Offshore and joining them on the beach are local legends Paradise Carriage who will be channelling party vibes all weekend through their roster of DJs and next level street food. 


The Paradise Carriage is the creation of 2x Michelin starred chef Niall Keating and legendary DJ/ producer Lee Fredricks. Both hailing from Stoke on Trent they share a passion for disco music, food and their hometown. The name is a play on Paradise Garage, an 80s nightclub in NYC, which played a huge part in disco/dance music and LGBTQ+ scenes. Artist Keith Haring frequented the club, hence the pastiche of his paintings on the outside of the truck. 


Expect Food, Music and alot of LOVE. 




All our activities are for person over the age of 18 only. Please drink responsibly. 


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