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Marcus Bean is a chef, author, and presenter, who learned to cook by taking charge of the kitchen in his Shropshire pub, which he opened with his wife Jenny back in 2003.  He got straight in the kitchen and taught himself to cook and then went on to win Iron chef UK on channel 4.


Since then, Marcus has been a regular chef on ITV’s “This Morning”, wrote a cookery book all about Chicken.  And has become a popular host at the BBC Good Food shows around the country.


Marcus and his wife own & run “Brompton Cookery School” in Shropshire. At the cookery school Marcus teaches everything from Bread making to baking, foraging to butchery.  Marcus specialises in using local and seasonal produce from Shropshire and surrounding areas, and over the years has built up a great relationship with his suppliers which he showcases in the school & in their new Brompton Farm shop.


Instagram @Marcusbeanchef

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 Marcus Bean Chef