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Pippa Middlehurst is known by most as her Instagram handle - Pippy Eats - where she showcases her favourite recipes, most of which contain noodles!


Pippa's interest in Chinese cookery began when she was a young child and her grandfather would take her for dim sum. Over the years, it blossomed into a passion. She has been learning about East and South-East Asian cookery for over 15 years. She attended Lanzhou Noodle School in 2019 whilst travelling in China.

Pippa graduated with a degree in Microbiology and molecular biology before starting her career as a cancer research scientist with Cancer Research UK in Manchester. She has now combined her love for science with her passion for cookery and hosts supper clubs and cookery workshops, with a focus on noodles and broths, paying particular attention to the molecular biology at play in our cooking.

Pippa's first cookbook "Dumplings & Noodles" was published in August 2020 and her second book "Bowls & Broths" was published in September 2021.

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