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Street Food


Camp Bestival is known for it's amazing line-up of hand-picked Street Food traders catering to every taste. Flavours come from across the world with everything from healthy bites to indlugent desserts, and whether you're dairy, gluten or nut free, we cater for all.


Find a wide variety of Street Food traders across the arenas and campsites:



Dietary information:
DF (Dairy free),  GF (Gluten Free), H (Halal) , NF (Nut Free), Vgn (Vegan), Veg (Vegetarian), P (Pescatarian), C (Coeliac) 


The Park (main stage field):
-    My Big Fat Greek (DF, GF, H, Vgn, Veg)
-    Los Churros Amigos (DF, NF, Vgn, Veg)
-    Green Pepper, Red Tomato (H, P, Vgn, Veg)
-    China Town (H, NF, Vgn, Veg)
-    Lola’s Fish and Chips (P)
-    Chunky Chips Chicken Strips (C, DF, GF, H, NF, P, Vgn, Veg)
-    So Ducking Good (DF, GF, NF, Vgn, Veg)


Magic Meadow:

-    Paellaria (C, DF, GF, NF, Vgn, Veg)

-    Made of Dough (DF, H, NF, P, Vgn, Veg)

-    Monkshood Coffee (DF, GF, NF, Vgn, Veg)

-    Mexican Seoul (DF, GF, H, NF, P, Vgn, Veg)

-    Waffle Float (H, P, Veg)


Oaks Walk:

-    Burgers and Breakfast (H, Vgn, Veg)

-    Oatopia (DF, GF, Vgn, Veg)


Ha-Ha Land:

-    Pazzo’s Pizza (GF, Vgn, Veg)

-    Toastie (DF, NF, Veg)

-    Milkshake and Ice Cream Station (NF, Vgn)

-    Tipsy Texan (C, DF, GF, NF, )

-    Bayou (C, DF, GF, H, NF, P, Vgn, Veg)

-    JK Munchies: Bubble Tea and Tea Bites (DF, GF, H, NF, Vgn, Veg)


Wild Tribe:

-    Kuka Coffee (DF, Vgn, Veg)


Yellow General Campsite:

-    The Breakfast Bar (NF, Vgn, Veg)

-    Brew Box (DF, Vgn, Veg)


Camping Plus:

-    Burrito Boys (DF, GF, NF, P, Vgn, Veg)


The Garden/Backstage Camping:

-    Burrito Boys (DF, GF, NF, P, Vgn, Veg)

-    Adam Coffee Bike (DF, GF, NF, Vgn, Veg)


Boutique Camping:

-    Hundred House Coffee (DF, P, Vgn)


Accessible Camping:

-    Little Pops Pop Up (GF, NF, Vgn, Veg)



Doom Bar Beach Party

Funky Pineapple

IOW Mushrooms

Khana Wala Bazaar

Marcus Bean Chef

No2 Pound Street Firepit Toasties


Shropshire Lad hosts an Open Wood Fire Feast Spectacular

Smoking Lobster

Street Food

The Cajun Rainbow

The Feast Collective Bar

The Feast Collective curated by Fred Sirieix and The Little Gloster

The Frenchie

The Lille Fruit Cabin

Twelves and Eights