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Connecting meditation and movement through dance, 5Rhythms combines five states of being: flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical, stillness. Drawing influences from shamanistic, ecstatic, mystic and eastern philosophies, 5Rhythms explores maps of individuals’ inner and outer worlds, their relationships to others and the space around them that open a spiritual path to creativity and unlimited possibility and potential.


5Rhythms with Tim Barnes

Breathwork & Yoga

Camp Bestival's Boot Camp

Cosmic Kids Yoga – Live With Jaime

Cosmic Pineapple presents Cosmic Corner

Crystal sound healing with Kim Booth (Cosmic Pineapple)

Fire Ceremonies

Gong Baths

Ice Baths

Inner Sunshine Yoga

IO Project - Sound Meditation

Massage and Sound Therapy with Fany Bah

Massage with Faye Bradbury

Massage with Kimberley Gordon - Altruistic Therapies

Massage with Ollie

Massages & Treatments

Mind Body Belly


Shamanic Drumming Journeys

Sleep Retreat Meditation

Slow Motion Therapies

Stuart Sandeman - Breathpod

Thai Massage with Eli

The Retreat

Water & Stone Wild Spa

Wild Runs

Wild Swimming