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Massage & Shamanic Sound with Faye Bradbury


Faye Bradbury is a qualified eco-shamanic practitioner and qualified sound medicine therapy practitioner, Faye combines these two disciplines, weaving magic and facilitating potential deep transformational healing and energetic and emotional shifts. She is also a medicine drum, rattle and tool creator and takes commissions for bespoke tools.  

She is passionate about treating the whole of you, not just the physical ailments but also the mental and emotional, spiritual aspects. Sound and energy healing (in whichever form that takes) combined are very powerful at helping with all of these aspects during just one session. 

Faye has also been successfully weaving sound healing massage and hands on massage together for the past few years and this too is extremely powerful in soothing, shifting stuck energy and realigning your energy. 

Faye is offering the following:

Indian Head Massage (45mins) £45.

The Indian head massage leaves you feeling light as a feather and walking taller.

Beautifully therapeutic healing Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage or Deep Tissue Massage combined with Sound Healing (1hr) £60

Takes you on a journey of hands on healing touch and sound vibrational massage. It is very powerful and has the ability to shift stuck energy or deeper rooted issues. You may have singing bowls placed on your back or vocal sounds sung over you or drum healing and more.

Healing Neck, Shoulders and Back Massage (30mins) £35

Gentle or deep tissue. You choose and tell me. 

Sound Medicine Therapy & Shamanic Healing (1hr) (£60)

A fully clothed journey of sacred sounds and shamanic healing practices that work on shifting and healing the emotional and physical aspects of self. Instruments used may include the drum, rattle, singing bowls, crystal singing bowl, bells, vocals, Native North American flutes, shruti box and more.


Faye works closely with your energy, needs, and with allies in the plant, animal and spirit worlds.  The session is completely unique and tailored to you and there is often a soul song and other vibrational sounds bought through her voice for you. You are held in safe space and, with permission, there may be some hands on healing as well. You are also sometimes encouraged to be actively involved. This can affect deep healing for people. You may need to be quiet for a little while after the session to assimilate the process. 

Please note that there are contraindications to sound medicine therapy: pacemakers, women in their first trimester of pregnancy, sound induced epilepsy. If you have acute mental health issues, please disclose this in confidence before your session. 

Shamanic Drum Journey (1hr) £60

Where you travel into a deep meditative or trance like state on the fast continuous beat of the medicine drum to journey on your intention and see what you are shown. Faye assists with the interpretation afterwards. This can be done as a small group or individually.

Express Reiki Treatment (30 mins) £35

Fully clothed. Reiki is gentle, non-invasive hands on Universal energy healing. Soothing and relaxing.

Reiki Treatment (1hr) £60

A full Reiki session treating the whole body.


Faye will be offering the above sessions from Thursday to Sunday late afternoon which can be booked beforehand by contacting her: or via Whatsapp on 07881955078. For further information on her and her treatments, visit her website:


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