Massage with Katherine Creuynni  (BSc First Class Honours, MSc Distinction) image


Massage with Katherine Creuynni (BSc First Class Honours, MSc Distinction)


Katherine works as an awenydd (a Brythonic/Cymraeg word similar to the term shaman), meditation facilitator and health massage practitioner. Coming from a depth of training and experience including working to improve her own health from years of paralysing nerve pain to where she is now. Assisting and empowering others from around the world improve their health. and wellbeing; with ancient and more recent practices blended with the common sense of her own experiences.

Katherine will be working daily at the festival and can be prebooked via: 07472266952 /

Massage Sessions:

Choice of any combination of Back, Head, Neck, Shoulders, Legs, Arms, Hands, Feet, Abdomen.
Awenydd Self-healing Massage (60 or 90 minute sessions)
Combining awenydd shamanic self-healing techniques with physical massage
Energy Massage
Combining massage with energy centre clearing
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Specialist light massage promoting healthy lymph flow
Deep Tissue Massage
Deep massage with trigger point release.
Working with the feet for deep relaxation and wellbeing
Indian Head Massage
Working with the head, neck and shoulders for tension release

Innerwisdom Sessions:
Working with the empower of the psyche for self-healing and energy balancing.
Awenydd (Shamanic) Self-Healing (60 or 90 minute session slots).
Working with inner, universal and nature wisdom for self-healing – helping us let go of energy blocks, patterns and programs in our lives that are beneficial to let go of, and to bring in our connection to our inner gifts, our empower.
Energy Centre Clearing (30 minute sessions)
Working to gently clear energy that we have held on to or had put on us, promoting healthy energy (qi) flow
Energy Centre (Chakra) Balancing (30 minute sessions)
Harmonising and bringing our energy centres into balance, relaxing the nervous system.

‘I have had treatments from Katherine…such a beautiful person with a pure heart, and you feel very safe to be around them. I know anything I say will remain confidential and trust them implicitly. They come from a heart of love and compassion and an inner knowing that makes me thankful to have them in my life. I thoroughly recommend’ (June M)


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