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Reflexology with Holly Rosenthal


I'm Holly and I'm a registered and Level 5 qualified reflexologist. 


The purpose of reflexology is not to diagnose a health condition, but to stimulate the body’s own healing system through the application of specific techniques to the feet.  As lymph, blood and nerve circulation improves, the body relaxes - and you can leave a treatment feeling like you’ve had a full body massage! 

I first learnt the power of reflexology following a family member’s cancer diagnosis in 2012. The treatment caused her to suffer headaches that would not respond to conventional pain relief. In a desperate quest to help to relieve her suffering I applied self-taught specific touch to her toes and within minutes her pain had lessened. In that moment I decided to formally train as a reflexologist. Since then I have worked with many cancer patients as well as volunteering at Pauls Cancer Centre in Clapham.


I also practice reflexology for fertility, menopause, peri-menopause, puberty, and health issues related to stress and anxiety. I work with clients to optimise their body with a ‘health condition' targeted treatment or a general stress-reducing treatment to support a holistic approach to individual health.

Holly will be working every morning at the festival. To enquire/prebook your treatment please contact Holly at: / 07738436115 


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