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Yoga for Teens by Teens


Olivia Saunders became the youngest ever TeenYoga teacher at the age of 13. She is now 16 and enjoys teaching yoga with both the TeenYoga Foundation and YogaBright. Olivia has taught yoga to students at her school and to other neurodivergent teens during lockdown, for which she has earned a Jack Petchey Award. Olivia is enthusiastic about bringing yoga to all teenagers, particularly neurodivergent teens like her.
Yoga for 11-21 year olds, taught by 16 year old Olivia from YogaBright. A yoga class to destress and have a good time! Make friends and get some exercise. Bring a mat, picnic blanket or towel to do yoga on, and get ready to have fun.

Olivia will be teaching her classes for teens in the Retreat Yoga Yurt in Slow Motion on Friday 12-1 and Sunday 1.15-2.15.


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