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The Camp Bestival team has always known how to have a good time. And for the last decade and half we have been using that experience to fine tune the ultimate family affair. Bringing an all mod cons camping holiday into the heart of an adventure wonderland that caters for all ages - it really is the quintessential family festival.


Camp Bestival is all about spending exciting times together with your loved ones and a host of like-minded families, playing, dancing, relaxing and exploring in the glorious outdoors. If your idea of fun is the best music, theatre, comedy, and all manner of jaw-dropping spectacles, then of course we’ve got that. But we know that amusing your family for four days takes a little bit more, which is why you’ll find a cornucopia of screen-free creativity and diverting delights from kids’ gardens brimming with fun and games, mud kitchens, robot junkyards and bushcraft, to a plethora of well-being pursuits such as yoga, meditation, and massage. So, whatever your speed, you and the kids can have as much or as little of the action as you like, when you like.


You can fill your days from the crack of dawn or ease yourself in in a more leisurely style but save for the odd dalliance at a silent disco, everything is done and dusted by midnight, and because you’re with families just like yours, you can be sure everyone will be ready for bed whenever you make it back to camp. And with camping options that range from the almost elemental to the truly opulent, you can choose just how comfortable you want to be. Plus, there’s an array of amazing food and drink on offer ranging from familiar festival faves to the deliciously daring. And let’s be frank, we’re a civilised bunch these days so there are showers and nice toilets on site, too.


Camp Bestival kicked off the whole family festival boom, and we’ve been at the forefront of the action ever since, so why not join us as we start a new chapter at Weston Park. It’s an adventure that you and your kids will remember for ever!