Accessible Information

Accessible Information

Please click on the following links to submit an Access Application for Camp Bestival Shropshire 2024:

Weekend Ticket Holders

Full Weekend Accessible Facilities Application.

Applications for customers with weekend tickets will close on Thursday 1st August 2024 (three weeks before the festival).

Day Ticket Holders

Day Tickets Only Accessible Facilities Application

Customers with day tickets can apply for PA Passes and Accessible Parking until Thursday 22nd August 2024 (one day before the festival).

We cannot guarantee to process late applications.

If you have any questions about our new application form or need assistance to complete an access application for the festival, please contact Amy, our Accessibility Manager: [email protected]

Please note, the Accessible Campsite location and the general site layout will remain the same for 2024. We will update festival maps  on our website in the week of the festival and on the Camp Bestival app.

We will email an updated Accessible Facilities Information Pack to all access customers in advance of the festival.

What tickets do I need to buy?

If you are eligible to apply for a PA Pass, please buy age-appropriate tickets for everyone in your group except the Personal Assistant or designated companion, then apply for their pass when applications open.

Please click on the link below to read the PA Pass FAQ sheet with accepted evidence.


If you plan to apply for space on the Access Campsite, you need to buy General Weekend Camping Tickets.

Please click on the link below to read the Access Campsite Information sheet with a list of our facilities.

Accessible Campsite information


Do I need to buy a vehicle pass?

If your application is approved for Accessible Camping, you’re entitled to one free space in the Accessible Car Park. You must purchase car park passes for any additional vehicles.

If you are a Blue Badge holder staying on any other campsite, event staff can direct you to an accessible space in the car park closest to your campsite.

If you plan to apply for space on the Accessible Campsite with a Live in Vehicle, you do not need to purchase a standard Campervan/Caravan pass. We will send customers with a Campervan or Caravan, who are approved for Accessible Camping a link to buy a concession rate Accessible Campervan/Caravan Pass.

Are there any upgrades available?

If you plan to stay in Backstage Camping, you must buy age-appropriate tickets for everyone in your group except the Personal Assistant or designated companion, then apply for a PA pass.

If you are approved for a PA pass, you will receive a link to upgrade your free PA pass to a Backstage ticket at a concession rate.

What is the festival site like?

Camp Bestival Shropshire takes place in the grounds of Weston Park.

Most of the festival activity takes place outdoors in fields. The site is on farmland, there are no hard standing pathways in the arena or within campsites. The majority of the main arena is on relatively flat, even ground.

There is a downwards incline leading from the Accessible Campsite Car Park to the Box Office on the Accessible Campsite

There is a downwards incline leading from the Accessible Car Park to the Accessibile Box Office (on the Accessible Campsite).

The dedicated walking route from the Accessible Campsite to the main arena leads from the campsite entrance across a flat, tarmacked road, then follows a fence line through a flat area of camping ground.

The ground conditions are weather dependent, in very dry conditions the ground and grass may be dusty and compacted, after heavy rainfall the grass may become muddy in places. There are some areas of site where trackway or wood chipping can be laid if the ground becomes soft or slippery after heavy rain.

What other Accessible Facilities can I apply for?

Viewing Platforms: There is a viewing platform by the Park Stage and a second viewing platform in the Big Top. Both platforms have charging points and accessible toilets.

Viewing platforms have a 1+1 policy, to ensure there is space for those who need it most.

The person named on the access application will receive a viewing platform wristband, and their PA or one other person from the group can accompany them (with a viewing platform wristband or PA pass).

Where possible, we will try to accommodate larger groups in the areas in front of the platforms. Customers may have to queue when the platforms are full.

Accessible Arena Toilets: Accessible toilets throughout the arena will have a coded lock. Please complete an application form to request the code, which will be sent via email before the festival.

Bringing an Assistance Dog or ESA to Camp Bestival: Camp Bestival welcomes Assistance Dogs and ESA’s. We require all customers who plan to bring an Assistance Dog or ESA to the festival to complete an Accessible Facilities Application form by the required deadline and upload relevant evidence to support the application.

To ensure that Assistance Dogs and ESAs are able to fulfil their role, we request that all Assistance Dogs and ESAs at the festival wear a jacket or harness that clearly identifies them as a service animal or support animal, even if they would not usually do so.

Please click on the following link to read our Assistance Dog and ESA Policy for more information.

BSL Performance Interpretation

There will be a team of BSL Interpreters from Performance Interpreting at the festival offering a free service to our D/deaf customers.

While viewing the performances, there will be a dedicated area for BSL performance interpreting next to the main viewing platform, with boarded flooring and a sound system.

There will also be a BSL Access Tent in the arena and a welcome meeting on Friday morning, where the team will explain the service in BSL and help you with any ad-hoc requests and communication support that you may need.

You can find the BSL Access Tent on the festival map, which will be online a week before the festival.

If you have any questions about this service, please email [email protected].

Sensory Chill Out and Quiet Spaces

We have a sensory area and quiet space in the main arena, including a sensory chill out tent staffed by Diverse UK. This will be marked on the Accessible Facilities Map.

You do not need a pass or wristband to use this facility, it is available to anyone who needs time out from the busy festival environment.

F.E.A.R Van

This year, we are working with ‘Face Everything and Rise’ (FEAR) to provide dedicated support for customers who receive artificial nutrition or long term IV treatments.The ‘FEAR VAN’ will be located in the Access Campsite, marked on the Accessible Facilities Map.

If you would like to make use of this service and are not staying on the Accessible Campsite, please email [email protected] for more information.