Camp Bestival by NightFatboy Slim Camp Bestival

There’s no shortage of sights and sounds to inspire wide-eyed wonder in festivalgoers young and old when you enjoy Camp Bestival by night.


From disco-lit big name bands in the Big Top and scintillating showstopping headline acts on The Park Stage, to the shimmering beauty of the Weston Woods, the brilliant Big Wheel and circus commotion in Caravanserai, a dazzling array of festival jewels come alive as a whole new world of dusky twilight descends across our wonderland.


And once the little ones have taken their responsible adults back to camp, there’s fortune aplenty for merrymakers out for some late night cheer. So, whether you’re looking for vintage beats and sonic treats in Pig’s Big Ballroom, reliving some rave moments in the Bollywood Roller Disco, or channel hopping to find the biggest singalong chorus of the night at the Silent Disco, it’s sure-fire fun, and you’ll be back in bed early enough to do it all again tomorrow.


And with a truly breath-taking Sunday night lantern parade, plus a fireworks finale following Sunday night’s headliner, Camp Bestival will give you unforgettable, glittering good times, guaranteed.