Charity Concierge Festival Taxis

Travel in style with Charity Concierge’s Festival Taxis

Meet us at the car parks and we’ll take you through check-in into the festival site with all your luggage aboard – making your entrance to the festival smooth and stress-free!

Taxis run throughout the weekend, taking you to and from the car parks and campsites, and closer to the main arena entrance. Look out for the big ‘taxi stop’ signs, where you can queue for a taxi.

This is a donation-based service. Suggested donation £7 per journey per person, or £35 for the whole buggy (5 people or a buggy full of camping gear!). Service is first-come, first-served.

Charity Concierge’s taxi service is run by, a maternal health charity providing life-changing support to pregnant women in Kenya. So, by donating to use this service at Camp Bestival, YOU are helping to keep mums and babies safe and healthy in Kenya. It’s a win-win!

A wide image showing a big open field. In the field are families setting up camping tents. On the left of the images is a row of large colourful festival flags leading to a big arch with the letters 'Welcome' on them and past that you can see a big yellow and red circus tent

Key Information

Operating Hours: 
8:30am – 9pm Thursday – Sunday; 8.30am – 12pm Monday.

Yellow Entrance / Yellow, Purple, Green General Camping and Camping Plus – Volunteers will scoop you from the taxi stop in the yellow car park, drive to your car to load the buggy before driving you through ticketing and on to Yellow, Purple, Green General Camping and Camping Plus. There will be dedicated stops at each campsite, so drivers won’t be able to take you to the exact point that you want to camp, but to a spot nearby. You can use these taxis to get around the festival site throughout the weekend, and can use them again to leave with all your stuff at the end of the weekend.

Please note

  • Due to limited visibility at night this service cannot run after dark. Last lifts will be around 8:30pm so that volunteers can do a final run before finishing their shift at 9pm.
  • This service is extremely popular and there can be a long waiting time during peak periods. This service cannot be booked in advance – it is only available on a first-come, first-served basis at the festival. We’ll do our very best to accommodate you and your bags, and provide you with an estimated wait time.

Are you interested in volunteering as a driver? Register here!