Medical FAQs

We take your health and well-being very seriously at Camp Bestival

Which is why we employ NHS-approved private medical providers Festimed to be close on hand day and night during the whole event.

Please read their FAQs for all the info about the medical facilities on site at the festival.

"I would like to thank the first aid crew. My 14-week-old daughter was born with Adams Oliver Syndrome, a rare disease with only 175 cases worldwide. I need to keep medication refrigerated at all times and must be able to access it four times a day as well as having sterile equipment and medics on hand if needed. All of this was available at Camp Bestival. The last time I left the medic tent I was in tears, tears of joy for the support, kindness, and professional advice I received. If the medic crew wasn’t at Camp Bestival our dream of taking the family away in the holidays would have remained a dream."

"I've worked on many different festival and event sites over almost twenty years, and it's always so reassuring to come to a festival where Festimed staff are on hand. They provide a fantastic service and support to families, staff and volunteers at Camp Bestival - handling everything from tick bites and grazed knees to heatstroke and seizures with a calm, professional manner, and with great kindness."