Prohibited Items


To help us keep the queues to a minimum at the entrance gates, please read through the following list of items you aren't allowed to bring on site:


Prohibited Items List

• Glass (of any kind)
• Any item which may reasonably be considered for use as a weapon (including penknives and cutlery)
• Personal portable toilets
• Camping gas canisters above 5kg
• Generators of any kind
• Bean bags & inflatable chairs / loungers
• Paint spray cans
• Laser equipment or pens
• Fireworks / flares
• Smoke canisters
• Chinese lanterns
• Klaxons / air horns / megaphones (or other similar items capable of making loud noise)
• Personal motorized vehicles (unless a mobility scooter)
• Any animals (with the exception of assistance dogs, are not permitted at any time)
• Drones
• Large sound systems
• Unauthorised or professional photography, film or video equipment
• Excessive amounts of alcohol
 - You are allowed to bring in your own alcohol (for personal consumption in the camping fields) but only up to reasonable amount per person. Once you have entered the event you cannot re-enter with more alcohol supplies. 
• High visibility bibs and jackets
• Poles, banners and flags
(small static flag poles in the campsites are allowed)
• Illegal substances:
 - We operate a zero tolerance on drugs/legal highs
 - Laughing gas is illegal and will not be tolerated

Pleases also note you may be searched on entry to the event site. Any items that may be used in an illegal or offensive manner will be confiscated. No responsibility is given for the return of confiscated items. If you are in possession of illegal substances you may be arrested.



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